How Press-On Publishing Began

                  Story time with Grandma Lucy

                  Story time with Grandma Lucy


"Me? I'm not an author! I've never even dreamed of writing a book."

                                         - Lucy Ruth, 2007

       It began with a request from my 24 year old daughter, "Mom, can you recommend a good devotional book to use with the kids?"  At that time, Becca had three young children and precious little free time to look into devotional materials for them.  I thought about her request, drew a blank, and promised her I'd do some research and get back to her. 

       After scouring a few bookstores, I distinctly remember driving home one day empty-handed, feeling discouraged.  As I thought through what I'd been hoping to find, unexpectedly I heard a voice in my spirit say, "Write one."  I couldn't believe that this message was for me.  "Me?" I asked the Lord in conversational prayer, "I'm not an author! I've never even dreamed of writing a book."   "Write one,"  the thought kept coming back to me. This call was like a seed. It was planted that day and it began growing in my mind. Unbeknownst to me, it would soon enough mature into a self-publishing company called, "Press-On Publishing,Inc."  

       On this unexpected journey, I have been stretched, humbled and blessed in many surprising and challenging ways.  One of the blessings has been to work with two dear friends of mine, Martha Anthony and Jill Wiebe-King.  We have spent many years together praying, thinking and writing (and for Jill, sketching and painting.)  Now, a new chapter begins, as Martha and Jill carry on our vision and I take a step back to care, full-time, for family.  

        It is our hope and prayer that the families who read our books will be blessed with the knowledge that they have a Heavenly Father, the Creator of the world, who loves them deeply, delights in them, and who is ready to meet them in all situations of life.  

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